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Not a problem! wants our supporters to know that we will always work with them to ensure that the MB experience everyone receives is grade A. offers a warranty registration for your machine through the website. Search “Registration” in the search bar through Select “Warranty Registration”. You want to make sure you keep your receipt of purchase for legal purposes and to show proof of purchase! Regardless, on the bottom of your machine there will be a serial number. Input that number along with any other information that is asked for; this will make our process much faster and more efficient when it comes to getting you a new machine.

With a double boiler (or with a Crock-Pot) many variables are left to chance, including how long to cook extractions, how often to stir, what temperature is best to achieve optimum results, the best way to filter, limiting nutrient loss, and controlling odors. Also, such devices include no immersion blender, digital thermostat, or onboard computer, making them incapable of doing what our multipurpose cooker and Botanical Extractor™ does. The MagicalButter machine is scientifically designed for a specific purpose: infusing your butter and oils—or creating incredible recipes—with little or no tedious labor. We took our customers’ preferences and requirements into full consideration when designing and developing the advanced technology that governs the unit. Unique among kitchen appliances, your MagicalButter device is encoded with microprocessor-controlled program sequences to optimize your results—consistently and predictably. As long as the directions are carefully followed, there should never be an error or an “uh-oh” moment; TeamMB has effectively designed those out of the culinary experience for you.

The lights on the machine serve a significant purpose. When on, the lights will determine whether the machine is completing a cycle. When off, the cycle has finished. This is a silent way for the machine to operate and a helpful way for the user to distinguish and visualize whether their finished product is done or not. *HANDLE WITH CARE, APPLIANCE WILL BE HOT*

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