Magical Butter Mason Jars (3-Pack)

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Magical branded mason jars are your solution to canning, storage, & displaying all your infusions! This glass jar set comes in a pack of 3 and holds up to 3.5 cups (828ml). Each jar includes an airtight metal lid for freshness, lock-in odors, and seal in flavor! These reusable jars are as versatile as they are multi-purpose. Each mason jar has a transparent glass design. A perfect trio to store your infused base recipes like butter, olive oils, tinctures and can be used to serve up your favorite infused beverages. Already have your infused recipe? These mason jars can be filled with preserves, sauces, jams, or even honey- to name a few!

Beyond storage for edible-making, these jars are perfect in farm-to-table or rustic environments, indoor & outdoor décor, canning balms, candles, salves or topicals, and even more so with gift-giving! The uses are endless with these Magical branded mason jars.

Magical Mason jars are FDA compliant and designed in the USA. 

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Best Uses:

  • The Dark Blue Jar provides adequate protection from light for your infusion.
  • The Light Blue Jar provides partial UV resistance and is ideal for storing your oils.
  • The Clear Jar is thoroughly transparent, which makes it easier to see the contents inside.
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Canning, Storage, & Display:

  • Fill with your infused butter, olive oils, tinctures, & honey from your MB2e!
  • Store smaller edibles like gummies, chocolates, and hard candies. 
  • Canning salves, balms, & even topicals.
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  • 3 Pack of Glass jars
  • 3 colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and clear (transparent) 
  • Airtight metal lids to lock in freshness, odors, and seal in flavors. 

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