I Love It! It's easy to use, easy to clean and takes up very little space in the cupboard. Was a great investment! I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves edibles!

Hardy, Arkansas, United States

I purchased my magical butter machine with thoughts it would not work. It works and works great. I love the time it saves me and how easy and clean everything is. If you make your own butter this machine is a must have, I freaking love this thing!!!!

Oneonta, New York, United States

Highly recommended. Excellent machine, easy to use and easy to clean. Most important, you will save a lot of time and you'll get an excellent final product, quality and consistency. The customer service team of MB2 are great and the shipping was super fast.

Santa Cruz, California, United States

Making the highest quality coconut oil & butter infusions has never been easier! Simple & satisfying. I can tell from the quality of this machine that I will be using it for years to come! Every medicinal patient should have one of these! Thank you for making such a great product.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Purchase this product to make butter mostly. It does everything very well. The oil gets made at 160 degrees so then run thru still to recover alcohol. It's great. Everything it does it great and clean up the best. That is what use to drive me nuts was clean up. Do this right after you empty liquids, add soap, water to between low and full marks and hit clean. WOW, no mess!!! Five stars isn't enough.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States

I can't give this product any rating other than 5 star because it works flawlessly. Absolute perfect extractions every time. However my only complaint is that the minimum amount of herb required to use the machine is too high. Other then that this machine is made too well and they should raise the price of it!!

Covina, California, United States

My MB2 is essential for my health!

Jeff W
COPD Patient, United States

Not knowing what to expect when I ordered the MB Machine I was pleasantly surprised to see how well made it is. It actually looks great sitting on the countertop with the other appliances. Recipe was easy to follow. Once ingredients were inside all you had to do was set the temperature and press BUTTER! The Love Glove and Purity Filter came in handy when separating the pulp from the butter. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an easy to use, SMELL proof way to make Magical Butter!!!!!

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Best product I have ever purchased! Easy to use and clean up after words. I would recommend this product a 100%. My wife has very bad depression! Since getting this machine and using it for her depression it has changed her life dramatically!! Thank you magical butter thank you!

Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Buying a Magical Butter Machine is practically a no-brainer…simply using it saves you money. Took all the guess work out of the equation, no more mess. Thank you for making things east!

Old Hippie
Bisbee, Arizona, United States

The machine itself is an absolute gem. I've used it for coconut oil and the result is top notch. Rave reviews from everyone who's tried my treats. Anyone who is thinking twice about purchasing this needs to just do it. The amount of time I saved thanks to little effort needed, zero odor from the extraction process and then a finished product better than anything I've ever tried. Great customer service (live chat) throughout the ordering and delivery process.

A Happy Chef
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

We sell many of these units to our patients to make their own medicine! Everyone who has purchased one has been very happy with the units!I own one myself and adore the little guy! I have made some killer stuff!

Liesse T Integr8 Health
Falmouth, Maine, United States

I really Love my MB2. I have cirrhosis and need the oil to try and stay well. Just the thought of me making my own health choices was well worth the investment. Not to mention all my family and friends I can share with. Thank you so much.

Kelly R.
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States

I really like this machine and I would buy it again. The customer service was very helpful when I did a dumb thing, Got it just right the next time. It works great for me. I would tell you to buy it.

Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

My wife and I bought an MB1 when they first came out and loved it! Now we have 2 MB2's. The added features such as no heat and more accurate temp controls are great as well as the supplied bag strainer. The MB1 did not offer a strainer which was a nice addition. We are still finding products we can make with this amazing device. We can't wait for the MB3!!!! Awesome product and excellent customer service. There is a good reason this company is getting so much attention. Keep up the great work guys!

Beaumont, Texas, United States

It was such a pleasure to deal with your customer service. I love the product and feel like I bought it from the best people on earth. Thank you, MagicalButter.com!

Richard D
Bay City, Michigan, United States

You would have to go out of your way to screw up a batch of product with this unit. Every moving part is crisp and secure. It's built like something from Germany or Switzerland. No, I'm not on the payroll––this product is just that good.

Patrick O
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

This product makes the process of botanical infusion simple, easy and left with a top-notch extraction!

Mark M
Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Let me start of by saying I'm not a smoker. I don't care for the smell because I live in an apartment. Edibles are expensive and to buy edibles you really don't get an accurate dosage. Now that I can make the main ingredient(s), I'm free. I'm excited because I've saved a lot of money, and I am able to make it the dosage I medically need. Thank you so much.

Happy Nanna
Santa Maria, California, United States

Machine works as advertised and makes a really messy operation essentially hands free. High quality output. Highly recommended rather than messing with other methods. Minimal smell permeating kitchen too..nice!

Paul G
Seattle, Washington, United States

I had a very magical summer thanks to this machine. I love how it does all the work for you. Just press the desired setting and off you go.

Jennie C
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

I purchased my Magical Butter machine with thoughts that it would not work. I used to make butter over 3 days, bringing it up to simmer and down to solid form, over and over again. I love the time it saves me and how easy and clean everything is. If you make your own butter, this machine is a must have. I freaking love this thing!

Ricky N
Ward, Colorado, United States

My husband has been successful making many flavored oils and butters...perfection every time! This is a restaurant-quality piece of equipment and it performs like it. I have friends who make salves with their machines...it’s truly amazing! Oh yeah, and your customer service rocks!

Betty C
Golden Valley, Minnesota, United States

Congratulations Magical Butter ! You take botanical extractions to a new stratospheric level!!! Your product is absolutely fantastic. It is a must have for anyone who wants the very best for their health. It doesn't matter if it's butter, tinctures or oils, your machine does it all with perfection every time. Just push the button for the product you want and walk away. The machine does everything magically for you!! Thank you Magicalbutter.com for all your hard work and dedication in programming, design and total quality construction. It's truly magical.

Michael S
Tampa, Florida, United States

I am more pleased with the MB2 than I ever imagined. It’s so simple to use. Put in your oil or butter, add your herbs and push a button. That's it. To clean, you do the same thing––add soap and push a button. I make enough butter to last me for a few weeks at a time and it is the best infusion I've ever made. Thanks MagicalButter.com…you guys are the best! I will tell everyone about you and your product. You can count on it.

Billy Purden
Torrey Pines, California, United States

I have been making "medibles" for the last 8 years and the extraction process has always taken between 8 and 12 hours. The MagicalButter machine has reduced that time to 1- 4 hours. The extraction is more complete with the MagicalButter machine, so there is less waste. One of the few products that actually works as advertised. It's worth twice the cost.

Peter G
Poali, Indiana, United States

My daughter saw the Magical Butter machine and really wanted to try it. She entered the contest and she won! We really like how easy it is to use. Then I entered and I won too! Thank you so much for this wonderful machine!

Kathy L
Oregon City, Oregon, United States

This machine totally takes the guesswork out of infusions! So many delicious options available with this awesome machine. No gimmicks, and lots of thrills!

Chris K
Davis, California, United States

Easy and fast, especially when you consider how long it used to take me to produce any product, It's got to be the best of its kind on the market! Works like a charm. I can't wait to see the MB3.

Jimmy A
Lake Isabella, California, United States

I have had great success with my first attempts with butter and oil. I can't wait for the tincture!! To all of the people involved in MB2, Thank You! You guys have truly made a difference in many peoples’ lives in need of an easy way to make medicine.

Danny G
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Clean up used to be a challenge; now I just car wash it and it’s done.
This machine is top quality stainless steel and so easy to use. Tincture is awesome!

Bruce M
Niagara Falls, New York, United States

I love my MB2. It is a complete life-saver, since I do not like to smoke. It is super easy to use, and helps me make my night time edibles super MagicalButter awesome! I cannot wait for the MB3!

Rhonda A
Redondo Beach, California, United States

Wow, great product! All I had to do was throw ingredients in, set and walk away. Very simple. I recommend everyone to buy the MB. My mind can't fathom all the uses for this great machine!

Dave B
Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

It is a well-made machine that does exactly what it says it will do. Far better than any late night infomercial product that you may see––quality construction and durable motor. Cleaning the machine is so simple and easy that I look forward to doing it! Before when we made butter it would involve intensive clean up and airing out the house for a day. Not anymore. No mess, no odor. You simply set the machine and forget it. No worries about grinding the herbal product to the correct consistency or getting the mixture too hot or not hot enough or long enough. This machine does it all and delivers a fun light show in the machine head during the process. I would buy this product 100 times over if I had the chance!

Andy J
Truckee, California, United States

I truly love this device. There is no better feeling then making my own medication. The MB2 inspires creative thinking––I have a few recipes that I created. I use MB2-brewed medicine daily. Customer service is GREAT–– nice and easy to talk with. Love the straight up cannabis oil. Making cannabis oil can be extremely dangerous. The MB2 team has made it easier and safer. All brews have been very potent and helpful. Thanks guys. What's up Chris and MB2 team? In closing, I want to thank MB2 for being a true class act. Also, a huge welcome to new users.

Eddie V
Bristol, Rhode Island, United States

Buying this was a big deal for me and I am so glad I got it directly from the manufacturer. I LOVE it and it has saved me SO many hours of labor and electricity. It was the best business investment ever!! Everyone on our kitchen staff wants one for themselves.

Bonnie W. at Happy Daze Products
Cave Creek, Arizona, United States

I have always wanted to make my own herbal butters but just never had the time. When I saw the Magical Butter machine I thought I would give it a try. I'm very glad I did. My first try making Rosemary Butter came out perfect.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

I am so happy with this product. No more slaving over a hot crock pot, stirring for hours. Even the cleanup is easier and less time consuming! This machine has made my medicine so much easier to produce and more consistent. I wish this company all the best in present and future endeavors! Go team MB!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is my second MagicalButter machine and it is the best. It is so easy to use, it cleans itself and it's not loud. I’m really happy that it works so well in Germany.

Max G
Herrenberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

We love the quality of the products we make using our MagicalButter machine. And the ease! It makes what used to be a smelly and time-consuming process into a set-it-and-forget-it piece of cake.

Holly A
Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States