PurifyFilter™ Bags Effortless Straining System The PurifyFilter Bag efficiently and easily separates
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PurifyFilter™ Bags

PurifyFilter Bags are reusable, extremely durable nylon mesh filters that allow liquids to pass through easily, while capturing sediments. PurifyFilters make straining your extracts a breeze.

our tips

Place the PurifyFilter Bag into your storage container or bowl, and pour in your completed mixture gradually, so as not to overfill the bag. As the liquid naturally drains into the container, use your LoveGlove to gently squeeze the bag, helping the liquid to pass through the fine mesh. The shredded plant matter will stay in the bag, and your delicious extract will be ready for use or storage.

Storing your extracts properly is imperative to ensure maintenance of potency. Once cooled to room temperature, oil-based preparations will thicken or solidify. Refrigerate or store your mixture in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

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