Getting to Know MagicalButterMB1 vs MB2

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  1. Appliance Head:
    Motor and microprocessor are inside the appliance head.
  2. Appliance Head Handle
  3. Timer Buttons:
    Oil/1 Hour, Butter/2 Hours, Tincture/4 Hours, 8 Hours and Clean.
  4. Temperature Control Buttons:
    160ºF/71ºC, 190ºF/88ºC, 220ºF/104ºC and 250ºF/121ºC
  5. Pitcher Handle
  6. Plug:
    Insert the Plug into the base before starting the appliance.
  7. Heater Element
  8. Pitcher:
    Made of stainless steel with stainless steel outer cover
  9. Blade:
    Grinds and blends your ingredients
  10. Overflow Sensor:
    It prevents ingredients from boiling over.
  11. Thermostat:
    Ensures the temperature of your ingredients for your recipe.