SEATTLE, WA – September 08, 2013

The HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup Concert took over the WAMU Center in downtown Seattle last night, with Redman and Slightly Stoopid bringing serious pot warrior vibes to the gig.

Redman exploded onto the WAMU stage, amping up the crowd with his shout-out, “Where the energy at?” — and a sea of stoners responded with a roar. Redman leaned into the front row of the crowd for a phat dab a couple of songs into his set, and after that he really flew. He walked into the crowd like a man wading into the sea, and his fans happily held him aloft while he and his crew spit rhymes like there was no tomorrow.

After Redman’s epic set the Magical Butter crew, who were well-represented with mascots, a massive Butter-branded limo and VW van in the entryway of the WAMU Center, took the stage for a giveaway of their amazing pot infusers. Then seed breeder Swerve and his crew the Cali Connection took the mic to offer up his marijuana mission statement of true genetics, and pot for all.

Slightly Stoopid closed out the evening with a swaying, head-bopping set that was a true distillation of the magic of the Cannabis Cup weekend. Every single person in the arena had a smile on their face, and the clouds of cannabis enjoyment hanging just above the audience exemplified why we were all there — to celebrate the herb with friends and great music.

The Cannabis Cup continues today at Fremont Studios. Day passes are available at the door, and the awards show takes place at 7:30. Come watch the winners receive their coveted Cups and join in the fun!