SEATTLE, WA – July 16, 2013

MagicalButter.com®, the company behind the popular product of the same name is encouraging people to vote for its entry in the specialty food business competition—-My Story, My Ad—-sponsored by Specialtyfood.com.

Garyn Angel, inventor of MagicalButter and company CEO, notes, “We’re using this contest as a means of reaching out to everyone out there who wants more nutrition from their meals and better overall health. We built this company through facebook, so we are asking the people that already ‘Like’ us and those who have become recently aware of the benefits of our product to vote for us.”

Originally developed to relieve individuals suffering from Chrohn’s disease, their easy-to-use botanical extractor is now utilized to provide health benefits for people with cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and many other conditions.

MagicalButter is regularly used by chefs, caterers, restaurants, medical companies and individuals to augment recipes and enhance lives.

To cast your vote for MagicalButter, simply visit http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/322384/voteable_entries/68690254 and click to vote.

For more information on MagicalButter or the specialtyfood.com contest, email info@magicalbutter.com/new.

Press Contact:

Garyn Angel