SEATTLE, WA – August 7, 2013

MagicalButter, the company behind the world’s only botanical extractor of the same name, is all set to premier its new website, which will launch on Wednesday, August 7th.

The site––MagicalButter.com––will provide a more comprehensive experience for visitors, digging deeper in all areas pertaining to the extractor. Improvements over the company’s previous site include more recipes, more FAQs, an easier-to-download owner’s manual and overall accessibility.

MagicalButter CEO Garyn Angel notes that the new site will be more user-friendly––good news to the growing number of people who are not just purchasing the device, but becoming passionate about its unlimited potential. “We have some 50,000 followers on Facebook who are really looking forward to finding out more about MagicalButter through the new site,” stated Angel. “In fact, their insistence on learning more about our product is what gave us the impetus to create a more rewarding experience for them.”

As the world’s only botanical extractor, MagicalButter has seen its sales grow exponentially since it first hit the market in 2012. Originally developed to relieve individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease, this easy-to-use device is now utilized to provide health benefits for people with cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and many other conditions.

MagicalButter is regularly used by chefs, caterers, restaurants, medical companies and people from all walks of life to augment recipes and enhance lives.

For more information on the new website or about MagicalButter, email info@magicalbutter.com/new.